Welcome to my website. That’s me there on the left. This site is primarily to allow me to post photos for my friends and family to see what I’ve been up to down here in Chile. If you are interested in my work then check out MeioChile which is a subdomain of this site. You will be able to see all the wee beasties that I tend to work with.
NOTE: This is a new system. All the galleries from the old site will be moved over to this one, I haven’t done them all yet! The most recent galleries will appear on the right under the list “New Posts”, this will only list the last five. Links to the older galleries can be found, in chronological order, on the page “Galleries”. When you go to the gallery page you will see thumbnails of all the pictures. To look at the pictures individually click on a picture and a larger version will appear, you can navigate backwards and forwards through the gallery. To see a slideshow of the pictures, click on “Show as slideshow”, once the slideshow has loaded, click on it to start it.

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